Innovative Digital Patient Content

Innovative Digital Patient Content

Easier for everyone

Our award-winning Krames Patient Education allows your clinicians and care team to improve efficiency and deliver interoperable patient education on thousands of topics at the point of care. Our patient education is concise, easy to understand and available in multiple languages to help patients, families and caregivers see better outcomes. And because Krames On-Demand® integrates with healthcare technology from leading EHR providers, we help you meet your regulatory and compliance requirements.

All the delivery options you could want

Regardless of your organization’s needs, StayWell can provide digital solutions that deliver the best patient education where it can improve outcomes the most: at the point of care.



Krames On FHIR®–our innovative app delivers trusted Krames content at the point of care using SMART on FHIR technologies

  • Lets clinicians share education to patient portals and communicate with patients right from their EHR
  • Intuitively suggests patient education content based on patient profile and current clinical encounter
  • Gives clinicians the ability to personalize patient education
  • Users can tag their favorite tools and organize folders the way they want for ease of use
  • Tracks education that’s been shared, and allows care teams to see the patient’s usage of each resource
  • Available now in the Epic App Orchard and Cerner App Gallery
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Krames On-Demand®, Infobutton, and Krames Content Import are additional delivery methods that allow fast, flexible, simplified delivery of patient education for any workflow system.

"It is easy-to-read and not an overload of reading. It's great to have pictures to make the information more appealing to look at and easier to understand. Many resources for patient education lack that important aspect of learning."

Nathanael (Nate) Lemmon
RN, BSN, CPN, Lieutenant USPHS Commissioned Corps, Public Health Nursing Dept. Whiteriver Indian Hospital, Whiteriver, AZ

World-Class Printed Materials

Even in the digital age, there are times when nothing works quite like print. Especially when it comes to helping a patient who needs to take it home to take it all in. For years, Krames has created materials with simplified medical illustrations that have set the standard for printed patient education. Our printed materials are easily accessible, regardless of reading level or language. We even have versions that talk to kids, which is sometimes a whole other language in itself.

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Physicians & Patients Trust Krames Print

  • 4,000+ Patient Education Healthsheets™ on wellness topics and information related to diseases, conditions, and procedures for diabetes, cancer, heart failure, dental and more
  • 100 Image only HealthSheets
  • 1,100+ emergency discharge instructions
  • 4,200+ drug information sheets
  • 369 lab tests
  • All content is available in English and Spanish (more than any of our competitors), with some content available in up to 13 additional languages