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Our Materials

  • Support the educational efforts of tens of thousands of healthcare professionals
  • Available in multiple languages and via different media to maximize patient access and comprehension.
  • Health communications touch 80 million people every year
  • Fully integrated into Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, Meditech and other EHRs

Education for everyone

Krames Patient Education materials are easily accessible regardless of reading level or language. We have over 700 titles that employ health literacy principles at 5th to 8th grade reading levels with many choices for Medicare and Medicaid populations. Over 250 titles are available in Spanish (more than any of our competitors), with some content available in up to 12 languages. We even have versions for kids, which is sometimes a whole other language in itself.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Krames pioneered using images and graphics to educate patients. When patients can see what the problem is, they have a better chance of understanding the prognosis, diagnosis and following your prescribed course of action. From info graphics to interactive animation, we make sure your patients get the picture on better health.

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"It is easy-to-read and not an overload of reading. It's great to have pictures to make the information more appealing to look at and easier to understand. Many resources for patient education lack that important aspect of learning."

Nathanael (Nate) Lemmon
RN, BSN, CPN, Lieutenant USPHS Commissioned Corps, Public Health Nursing Dept. Whiteriver Indian Hospital, Whiteriver, AZ
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Delivering information that makes a difference

Healthcare Systems around the country take advantage of Krames On-Demand, our interoperable platform that seamlessly integrates content on thousands of topics with your existing print, digital and video education materials. There's also Krames on FHIR, a flexible new technology for physician offices, hospitals, and health systems that integrates into your EHR to deliver patient education at the point of care.

Following others on the path

The path to better health is easier to follow if you know someone has been down that road before. Our Video Collection is an engaging platform for education and sharing information through the real-life stories and experiences of actual patients and caregivers. The videos are accessed online, on tablets, on mobile devices wherever your patients may be. And they have a proven track record for inspiring patients to be more active in their own health and well-being.

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