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Increasingly, organizations like yours are looking for ways to engage members and to help them lead healthier lives. We have 40+ years of experience engaging populations—and create multimodal print and digital population health programs that present health information to your members based on their needs, learning styles and preferences. Our easy-to-understand, interactive programs, with engaging graphics and easy-to-follow instructions, help members get well and stay well.

Care Connector

Enhancing the customer experience can improve your members’ satisfaction with your organization. Equip care managers and health coaches with up-to-date education and useful tools that they can offer through your care management and coaching programs, based on the member’s profile and health needs. With Care ConnectorTM, which seamlessly integrates with your member management program, you:

  • Offer resources to help holistically address a member’s conditions, medications, and lifestyle, including video that enhances health literacy and engagement
  • Deliver actionable education that encourages members to make behavior changes and live healthier lifestyles
  • Allow care managers to easily access their favorite content and organize it into shared folders
  • Lighten the IT lift by eliminating time-consuming manual quarterly updates

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Krames On-Demand

Krames On-Demand®, our award-winning, interoperable health education content on thousands of topics, seamlessly integrates with your information systems. Our content is illustrated, concise, easy to understand, and available in multiple languages. Krames On-Demand helps improve efficiency for your case managers and engages members, their families, and their caregivers to help deliver better outcomes. Because StayWell solutions are integrated with many top health care technology vendors including Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, and MEDITECH, we help your case managers easily share the important information your members need.

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Krames Print Education

Our printed materials are easily accessible regardless of reading level or language. We have nearly 700 titles that employ health literacy principles at 5th to 8th grade reading levels with many choices for Medicare and Medicaid populations. Over 250 titles are available in Spanish (more than any of our competitors), with some content available in up to 12 languages. We even have versions for kids, which is sometimes a whole other language in itself.

Marketing & Member Outreach

It is by no small stretch of the imagination that we say the healthcare space is more competitive than ever. And we believe we can give your organization the best possible competitive advantage to attract new members and build loyalty. Our marketing programs are rooted in the science of behavior change and designed for new member acquisition with evidence-based health content, scalable tools and proven engagement techniques that get results.

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Consumer Health Library

Our vast, award-winning digital Consumer Health Library can be your library. We can easily integrate over 35,000 content assets into your website, microsite or blog. And because we’re experts on human behavior, we know the hows and whys and ways people search online. So we use search engine optimization to drive prospective members to your site to find relevant customized content strategically matched to your services. Bingo, you have new members at the door.

Skilled medical editors continuously review and update our content assets with the latest medical research and guidelines. With our content assets, your members can:

  • Learn about diseases and conditions
  • Understand tests, procedures and their treatment options
  • Access nutrition and general wellness information
  • Watch videos where patients and caregivers talk about their experiences
  • Find delicious recipes that meet their dietary restrictions
  • Check their symptoms
  • Assess their risks for chronic conditions
  • Quiz themselves on health and well-being knowledge
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Content Marketing Support

People respond to content marketing. The problem is creating enough of it. Lucky for you, we have a massive library of content to put at your disposal. Use our content to kickstart your content marketing campaign. Select a calendar of content that covers a range of healthcare awareness messaging throughout the year. Or work with us to create custom content tailored to your organization’s marketing goals and objectives.

At the end of the day, you want an effective, integrated marketing program that raises awareness so you can help more of your members to get well and stay well. You’ll find our content marketing support can:

  • Drive inquiries and new member acquisition
  • Boost member satisfaction, preventive care activities and positive health decisions
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty
  • Increase enrollment and revenue

Custom Content Solutions

We can customize content to help achieve your business objectives, from new member acquisition to building and maintaining member relationships. We can help drive traffic and volume with relevant content. From print to interactive digital, we deliver the content that delivers the customers.

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Population Health

Health plans have a huge role to play in improving the health of the populations they manage. You’re tasked with providing holistic healthcare aimed at reducing the overall impact of chronic disease, improving patient care across the board, minimizing readmissions, and lowering costs while improving efficiency. It is, no doubt, a Herculean task.

You’re responsible for your population, and we can help. Leveraging our 40 years of peer-reviewed research and our experience with behavior change, we can help you deliver better, targeted care for individuals along with the health programs that promote health and wellness. This leads to better outcomes and improvements in the health of the population as a whole.

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Wellness Challenges

Challenges are a great way to get members to stay engaged and active. Making health and fitness more of a game makes it all seem much less like work. Besides, a little fun never hurts. From our Daily Dash to our Million Steps Challenge, members can use their personal fitness trackers, apps and our online portals to get active, focus on changing habits and follow their progress on the way to reaching their goals for better health.

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Health Coaching

Offer your employees health coaching that works for them—with our range of coaching solutions for your employee population. Customized to meet participants' diverse needs wherever they are in their health journey, the options include:

  • Individual supported coaching – one-on-one coaching sessions provided by an experienced health coach through phone or video conference
  • Group coaching – a coach-led virtual or on-site program, powered by social support, that addresses specific areas such as diabetes prevention and high-risk weight management
  • Disease management – a nurse-conducted program that provides both online tools and personalized coaching to help participants understand and manage specific chronic conditions
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