We're excited to announce that StayWell and its Krames brand have joined Internet Brands, the parent company of WebMD Health Corp, WebMD Health Services, and Medscape. Learn how we're working together to make the future of illuminating the path to better health brighter than ever for the businesses and governments, health systems, health plans, health associations, and patients and members we serve.

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Healthy care outcomes

"One feature that I enjoy pointing out to new employees is the Krames anatomy and physiology art. It makes it so much easier to explain to patients what's happening to them with these detailed drawings."

– An inpatient informatics director

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Population and reputation health

Whether your goal is to drive web traffic, improve member health, or increase brand preference, health plans can choose from a comprehensive suite of digital and print content and tools to achieve it. Through credible, actionable solutions, you'll command attention and drive positive response from the communities you serve.

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Well-being for everyone

Achieving well-being for all employees is what drives us. In coordination with your organization's culture and business performance strategy, we provide well-being solutions empowering people to live healthier, fuller lives, while you increase employee productivity and retention.

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