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Whatever your specific objectives, we’ll work with you to deliver the results you want with the quality health content and thought leadership you need to drive consumers to your healthcare system, hospital or practice. And what you’ll see in our case studies is the data and real-world success stories that will assure you that we can deliver the same measurable results for your organization.

Turning Traffic into Appointments

A prominent healthcare system in the Southwest was seeking to drive appointments — specifically for their Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) service line. The hospital’s marketing team implemented our CAD Health Evaluator risk assessment tool to complement their StayWell Consumer Health Library content. As a result, they generated a significant increase in qualified leads for CAD services, and obtained valuable demographic information for future CAD campaign efforts.

Today, the organization continues to rotate dozens of StayWell interactive tools and health content across their homepage each year, incorporating them into their monthly marketing and advertising campaigns.

  • 18,137 people completed the CAD Health Evaluator
  • 12,018 people received feedback placing them in the “high risk” category, and were directed to the organization’s “find a physician” and “make an appointment” pages.