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Krames can help improve patient outcomes and your operation

Krames patient education is used in over half of U.S. hospitals and by an estimated 300,000 healthcare professionals.

  • Streamline staff workflow to save time and money
  • Allow clinicians to spend more time with patients and ultimately improve patient outcomes
  • Influence positive behavior change so patients take an active role in their own healthcare
  • Lower readmittance
  • Enable increased patient satisfaction
  • Lower costs
  • Improve hospital JCAHO scores and meet government regulations

We’ve got proof.

In a recent survey of end-users reviewing a Krames booklet:

  • 100% agreed their Krames booklet was easy to follow
  • Nearly 97% said they understand the information presented
  • 95% say they can make better informed decisions about their healthcare after reading
  • 100% agreed risks and complications were clearly presented.
  • 90% agreed Krames medical art helped them understand their procedure
  • Nearly 76% say they have more confidence in their healthcare provider
Source: Krames customer survey, 2015-2016.

What users are saying

“The graphics are amazing and everything is so understandable. It was a great guide to have when discussing prolapse with my doctor.”

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