Patient education and marketing solutions

From minor illnesses to chronic health issues like diabetes, it takes effective, engaging health education to motivate the kinds of behavior changes that keep patients healthy, happy and loyal. Let’s learn how to help guide patients along the path to better health.

Inspire Change.

We believe in the transformational power of information to engage, educate and empower people to live better, happier lives. We know that clear, concise and inspiring patient education leads to more satisfied loyal customers, stronger provider/patient relationships and significantly better outcomes.

Who We Are

Share Information

We make relevant healthcare information accessible and easy to comprehend through illustrations and simple graphics. And we make that information easy to deliver by fully integrating it into your communications. Because the more patients know, the better their outcomes.

What we do

Expect Results.

When patients get the information they need to make smarter healthy lifestyle choices, you can expect to see better outcomes. And your organization can expect to see those patients on a more regular basis.

How we help healthcare Providers

Krames Products

Our Krames patient-centered education products are easily accessible, easy to follow, and easy to understand. They’re also easy to manage. Because patient education shouldn’t be that complicated for you either.

Krames on FHIR®

Krames On FHIR® integrates into your existing EHR platform to give you instant access to award-winning content at the point of care. Relevant topics are suggested based on your patient’s profile and current clinical encounter, saving your staff valuable time.

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Krames on Demand®

Our interoperable platform seamlessly integrates clear, concise, illustrated content on thousands of topics in multiple languages to help you manage and distribute education where, when, and how patients need it to help you improve outcomes.

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Krames Print Patient Education

With nearly 700 titles across 20 specialties, Krames print patient education materials aren’t just made to be read – they’re designed to be understood. With illustrations, graphics and language that’s accessible to lower reading levels, patients get the information they need to help you deliver the outcomes they deserve.

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The StayWell Difference

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minutes per patient saved
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  • Can we customize your educational materials for our member population?
    • Yes. We offer easy-to-use tools that allow you to edit our materials or upload your own custom education.
  • Can we repurpose your education for other purposes, such as social media campaigns?
    • Yes. Our education is intended to address all of your informational needs. We can even provide ideas on how other health plans have used our education to reach members. 
  • Who reviews your patient education? How is it updated?
    • Our education is reviewed by board-certified specialists. We continuously monitor published clinical guidelines and update our education to adhere to guideline changes. At a minimum, every piece of education is reviewed at least every two years.  
  • What languages is your patient education available in?
    • Every educational piece is created in both English and Spanish. In addition, we have education for high-volume procedures and disease states available in 18 different languages, including Vietnamese, Tagalog, Arabic, Korean, Chinese (general), Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Russian, Urdu, French, Greek, Nepali, Hindi, Burmese, Gujarti, Farsi, and Amharic. Don’t see the language you are looking for? Just ask. We add to our translated libraries every day.  
  • At what reading level is your patient education written?
    • Our education is written between a fifth and eighth-grade reading level to maximize comprehension.