The new strategy leverages technology to connect tracking, education and skill building to engage the diabetic population.

More than 29 million Americans have diabetes, which is almost 10% of the US population1. Diabetes requires diligent management, support and monitoring. With Onpoint participants gain insight into how their actions have a direct impact on managing their condition.

Keeping blood glucose levels as close to a normal range can prevent or slow the progress of many diabetes complications, helping people lead a productive, healthy, active life. Onpoint takes into consideration the factors for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes and helps build awareness of how their condition impacts them, guides them on breaking bad habits, and develops long term skills for building healthy habits.

Onpoint incorporates Bluetooth smart glucometers, nurse coaches and the support of other diabetic participants with goals of:

  • Increasing blood sugar tracking
  • Raising exam and screening compliance
  • Boosting physical activity
  • Building awareness of eating habits
  • Creating health confidence
  • Fostering support systems

If your workforce is struggling with diabetes management, contact StayWell to see how Onpoint can help. StayWell Onpoint can make diabetes condition management a reality.