Motivating and empowering individuals and promoting sustainable behavior change.
These are the goals of Group Coaching—and the foundation for our new product: StayWell Ignite.

Built upon StayWell’s expertise in behavior change, Ignite is designed for participants addressing obesity and metabolic syndrome. According to Aubrey Olson, Director of Product, “StayWell Ignite focuses on a combination of group discussion, supported coaching, and digital tools that helps create a holistic approach to habit formation and change.”

Pilot Program

The Ignite program began in September 2016 as a pilot with one of our clients, Farm Credit, whose employees are highly dispersed and live in rural areas. StayWell participants at Farm Credit had been looking for a group-based supportive structure with a focus on those struggling with obesity and related health issues. The pilot was developed to test the effectiveness of that structure, and was also a perfect solution for a highly dispersed group.

Each group in the pilot consisted of a set number of individuals with one coach that stays with the group for the entire program using video-conferencing. The first several weeks set the participants up for success. The middle weeks are spent educating and supporting the development of routines relating to healthy eating and exercise. The last few weeks focus on maintenance and resiliency.

The program consisted of the following structure:

  • 24 participants
  • 3 health coaches
  • 12 weeks
  • Participants received a Fitbit Aria fitness tracker and Fitbit Aria fitness scale

Pilot Program results:

  • 519 messages sent between the groups.
  • 157 discussion board posts, those topics were posted 2/x per week to get conversations going and learning happening!
  • 65% of participants lost weight
  • Total pounds lost: 130.4
  • Average pounds per participant*: 10.78 (*for the participants who lost weight)

In 2017, we’ll offer an Ignite session beginning each quarter for all our client participants. Our StayWell team is thrilled with the outcomes of this new program and are excited for other clients to ignite more program success! Click here to contact a StayWell representative for more information.