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Groundbreaking Digital Health Platform

The state of the art My StayWell platform is pushing the limits of digital health with gorgeous design and groundbreaking, innovative features such as digital health games, virtual reality meditation, real-time access to a network of over 100,000 U.S. licensed physicians, health coaching, advanced activity tracking, and data integrations from providers, labs, pharmacies, devices, and apps.

Your employees can customize their own experience to what's most relevant to them. They get easy, any-time access to their secure personal health data, goals, results and more. It also lets you track program participation, measure engagement, and verify the results of fitness challenges.

  • Advanced Tracking and Real-Time Analytics
  • Peer Support and Team Influence
  • Amazing resources
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VR guided meditation is now a reality

StayWell introduces virtual reality guided meditation to help improve mental health — an important component of your health risk assessment. Even small amounts of meditation can help increase productivity, lower stress, improve memory, and help manage symptoms of chronic conditions like high blood pressure.

Your mind's personal trainer

Train your brain to positively impact your mood and productivity.

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Escape anytime and anywhere

Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and explore a variety of tranquil locations from around the world all within our app.

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