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The more they know, the healthier and happier they'll be.

The keys to building a healthy culture are what we like to call the Three C’s: Communicate, Communicate and Communicate. It’s making every employee aware of your program, getting employees excited and talking about it, and encouraging feedback to constantly improve and make sure everyone is getting what they need.

This is a space where StayWell truly excels. Our communication and engagement practices are deeply rooted in the science of behavior change. The goal, as always, is to educate employees about your health and wellness program, clearly communicate its benefits, and motivate them to take action. The more employees that participate and stay engaged in your program, the more you improve your company’s net health and bring down your healthcare costs.

We understand each workforce is different, so we leverage a custom omni-channel approach to greater encourage participation. We can help build awareness of your program and provide the kind of printed, digital and video content that demonstrates what an essential benefit you’re providing for your employees and how it can have such a pronounced effect on their lives. These programs are fully client-customized to your brand based on a unique strategy designed by an expert communication strategist team from StayWell.

What We Do

  • Create custom strategies
  • Execute the deliverables
  • Advise on best practice and recommendations for optimization and improvement
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