Find well-being in a single place, where employees can turn for offerings customized to their health needs from day-to-day and for a lifetime. The My StayWell Platform is an advanced digital platform that participants can easily access and intuitively use at any time through their computer or an app to set and achieve goals personalized for their lifestyle. Meanwhile, you can view and track program participation and engagement, and the health of your employee population—for measurable results.

Data integration

Participants complete a health assessment and biometric screening, and the platform syncs their screening results and medical data from health systems, labs, pharmacies, fitness devices, and health apps. On a modern, secure dashboard, they can view all of their data, while the platform provides smart feedback and personalized goals.

Digital health coaching

Participants can access our experienced network of health coaches directly from their computer or mobile device, whether they're completing self-directed learning sessions or speaking with a coach live through videoconferencing.

Coaching Option 2

Social connectivity and support

Participants can encourage one another through the platform by viewing personal, team, location, and organization-wide progress in real time. Such unification through socialization can help cultivate a culture of health across your organization.

Incentive tracking and fulfillment

Fully integrated fulfillment options allow participants to track their progress toward, select, and order rewards—right through the platform.


Challenges and competitions

Provide motivation for your employees and their teammates through short-term team and individual challenges, and sustain their active participation.

Advanced activity tracking

Participants can track their personal and team progress in real time, by syncing their Apple Watch, Fitbit, and other wearable devices with the platform.


Platform - Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

Online wellness programs

Offer employees a depth of content—vetted by experts and available in digestible digital learning lessons—on topics from nutrition to financial well-being, through the platform. This content can be reinforced by digital games and challenges, workout videos, and cooking videos with healthy recipes.

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