Workshops help participants find confidence and security in new areasYoung African American business woman working at home on a laptop computer and wearing glasses

Traditional wellness programs have focused mainly on the physical health elements that could be measured. This meant that we assessed and guided participants to programs that applied to things like physical activity, weight management, healthy eating etc...

However, as we look to build a happier and more resilient workforce we are trying to help participants find security across the pillars of well-being; expanding our programs into financial, occupational, emotional and social support.


Financial Well-being has four sections:

  Present Future

Day- to -day
Month to month

Absorb Shock
Financial Resiliency

Choice Freedom of Choice

On Track for Goals

Financial Security:

  • Security in the present is how confident you feel with day-to-day or monthly financial situations. Someone with a low level of security in this area would have concerns about living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Financial Security for the future looks at how a participant would be able to absorb a financial shock like unexpected medical bills. Their ability to respond and adapt builds their level of financial resiliency.

Financial Choice:

  • Financial choice in the present involves being able to make splurge purchases or unexpected indulgences without having to compromise your budget. It is being able to go out for dinner or purchase a gift for an occasion like a birthday or wedding.
  • Future financial choices include topics like retirement or planning for your children’s education. These are long-term financial decisions that take planning and consideration.

Professional Well-beingfinancial-and-professional-workshops-copy

On average, one-third of our day is spent at work. Because of this, professional development and security in our job has a significant impact on our everyday well-being. It is important to understand how to build a resilient workforce by offering ways that individuals can develop their professional skills.

Professional development is defined as "the continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills that relate to one's profession, job responsibilities or work environment." The professional development learning modules give employees a touch point to study new skills. From educating new managers to empowering long-term employees to ask for what they need, our professional development series covers a multitude of topics. The goal of this workshop series is to offer more connection points for employees to want to excel in their work environment.

We are very excited to share these new workshops and our ever-expanding options to create a new version of well-being in your organization.