With greater adoption of new devices like Amazon Echo, voice-first interactions are on the rise. According to data from NPR and Edison Research, one in six Americans now owns a voice-activated speaker, up 128 percent from January 2017. As reported in the Smart Audio Report, voice-driven devices have quickly become essential to many owners, with 42 percent of owners saying that their smart speakers are essential to everyday life.

Our mission at StayWell is to empower people to get well, be well, and stay well, taking active roles in their own health, whether at work, at home or in the clinical setting. While mobile health solutions on smartphones and tablets provide excellent opportunities for people to track their health and fitness, there are many individuals who want even more convenience than those alone can offer — and we’ve taken note.

We know that in order to illuminate the path to better health, we need to adapt to consumer needs and expectations and meet people wherever they are — both mentally and physically — at any given moment. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our new voice-enabled platform, StayWell Voice.

StayWell Voice leverages the Orbita Voice platform to power multi-modal creation and management of intelligent conversational applications for devices such as Amazon Echo and chatbots.

Capabilities include:

  • Omni-channel experience leveraging AI agents and chatbot delivery mechanisms
  • Weight loss and weight management capabilities
  • Mindfulness and meditation programming
  • Shared decision-making capabilities to improve patient and employee literacy
  • Works with all versions of Amazon Echo, including Echo Show

Used in healthcare provider, patient education, and employer well-being programs, StayWell Voice aims to increase individual engagement by using natural language voice, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) agents and chatbots to assess patient wellness, as well as inform, educate, and encourage, with the goal of reducing risks, improving outcomes and lowering the cost of care.

At StayWell, we leverage the science of behavior change to engage, educate and motivate people. If you’d like to learn more about our latest innovations or how StayWell Voice can help your employees or patients with their individual health and well-being goals, check out