Summer newsletter story 2Year-long engagement helps accomplish small goals that lead to BIG changes.

Tracking is just tracking if that’s all it is. StayWell’s new Charge program is designed to be much more. By combining tracking tools with the fun of badging and the solid support of behavioral science, it helps participants create positive long-term health habits.

Using a tracking device, participants are engaged on a daily, weekly and monthly basis—leading them to create positive habits in pursuit of their overall goal. Along the way, participants always know where they are in their journey and how far they have to go to achieve their greater goal.

A Million Steps

Participants set a goal to walk one million steps over a 12-month period. A million steps seems like a lot but, with this challenge, the goal is broken down into smaller, achievable goals while continually engaging the participant, making it easier for them to go the distance.

Each element in this challenge has a specific purpose:

  • The Daily Poll:  This element gives participants a reason to come back to the site and review their information daily. Participants answer questions such as “What’s your favorite way to increase your daily step total?” The poll allows StayWell to gather feedback and gives the participant a useful tip or healthy hint at the same time.
  • Weekly step goals: This element is perfect for individuals with a competitive streak. Each week, participants can strive to meet a step goal and, if they achieve it, receive a password that unlocks a simple, engaging video to enjoy.
  • Long-term step goals: Individuals are rewarded badges for walking 5,000, 10,000 and 15,000 steps. These badges create motivation to keep going, and are also tied to our incentive engine (Points Bank) for awards accumulated according to employer design.
  • Other elements include:
    • An invite feature offering social support – participants can search and connect with friends also taking part in the challenge.
    • A discussion board with a weekly activity-related topic for participants to discuss.

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