Each January, we all set goals for the coming year. It’s when we take time to reflect on the previous year’s performance and look to what could be accomplished in the next 12 months. It’s now February, and while our personal resolutions may already be long gone, the ones we set for work are just getting started. In 2016, StayWell told you that one of our goals for the New Year was to “remodel” our well-being portal and launch a new user interface in 2017.

Well, we’ve done just that, and here are some of the highlights:

  • Dashboard overhaul
    o  Square grid “block” format
    o  Moveable blocks, for personalization
  • Improved program landing pages
  • Addition of email validation
  • Automatic password retrieval

Here’s a little data to go with those changes:

  • Clients on New Portal in Jan 2017: 33.82%, with all clients scheduled to transition by the end of 2017
  • Clients utilizing Email Validation: 82.61%

In addition to the new portal interface, StayWell launched several new products in 2016 that we now have data on:

  • Million Steps Challenge – total number of steps tracked in 2017: 2,869,832,379
  • Daily Dash – total number of dashes completed in 2017: 2,585

Keep on the lookout for more from StayWell this year. There is more to come in 2017, with increased focus on whole person well-being with topics like professional development, financial wellness and gratitude.