In today’s climate talk of health care is often fraught with uncertainty and tension. But there is also much reason for optimism, such as the fact that, as an industry, we are better equipped than ever to meet the needs of individual health care consumers. At StayWell, I believe we have the added opportunity to positively affect our nation’s most pressing health care problem — continually increasing health care costs.

Throughout my career, I’ve been involved with health technology and tools that improve how consumers experience health and health care. Now, as I take on the role of CEO of StayWell, I feel more confident than ever that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to improve health care on several levels.

In the coming months, our team of behavior change and health care experts will focus on forging a new path for our organization and for the health care industry. Our efforts will be directed toward:

  • Improving health outcomes for specific populations, from patients with specific conditions or in targeted geographies to employees within client organizations across the country.
  • Driving engagement among patients with the care systems and clinicians that can help them manage their health, as well as among employees with their employer and efforts to improve workforce health.
  • Effectively managing the health of targeted populations, such as patients and families who are experiencing chronic or complex conditions like diabetes or COPD or employee populations who contribute to an organizations health care costs and their ability to stay competitive in a changing marketplace.

As we drive toward these goals, our clients and industry partners can expect to see a continued focus on technology and solutions that improve access to care and health improvement opportunities, and that can be easily and cost-effectively integrated across care systems and corporations. I invite you to learn more about just a few of these recent solutions, including:

  • StayWell Engage, a digital well-being solution that is perfect for mid-sized companies or those just getting started with workplace wellness;
  • Expanded health entertainment capabilities through our acquisition of ShareWIK Media Group, which gives StayWell clients expanded access to first-person patient stories that educate and engage patients facing common procedures or conditions. In addition, we believe our pharmaceutical education will become even more engaging with our recent collaboration with VUCA Health, which provides videos for medication education and adherence.
  • StayWell Connext, our highly custom, interactive, well-being experience that provides employees with a tailored experience and the support to navigate complex employer programs – online, via mobile, or at the worksite.

What about research and clinical expertise, you ask? Here’s what truly special about the future of StayWell: we will continue to apply our expertise in behavior change, best practices and leading-edge research to the utilization of new technologies to produce solutions that drive real change and real-world outcomes over the long term. That’s what makes StayWell solutions special, and what has driven our success over the years, and it will remain a cornerstone of our business even as we expand our focus.

Stay tuned for blog updates from me and the rest of the StayWell leadership team about our latest innovations and outcomes that we’re delivering for hospitals, health systems, employers and communities across the country.

In good health,

Nicole Latimer
CEO, StayWell