As millennials have become the largest contingent of the American workforce, employers are trying to balance the health and well-being needs of an increasingly diverse population. But delivering solutions to people of differing ages and health status can be challenging. For example, it’s well known that baby boomers were motived by title and financial compensation, but millennials look for employers who share their personal values and focus on the broader society.

So, what’s an employer to do? StayWell has released a new report that addresses five top trends for 2017 that directly relate to the growing millennial population and how employers can capitalize on our evolving industry and health engagement solutions.

The report can be downloaded, free of charge, at 2017 StayWell Trend Report: What’s working in well-being, but in the meantime, here’s a snapshot of the wisdom our StayWell experts have compiled for you.

Top 5 trends: What to expect in the coming year

  1. Going beyond physical health. Health and well-being programs will continue to evolve beyond biometric measures to include all factors of an employee’s physical, social, spiritual, emotional and financial well-being.
  2. Social support and professional growth. With the growing millennial workforce, employers must consider how to help develop leadership skills and foster social engagement.
  3. Engagement on the go. Integrating the data-tracking process through a wider variety of digital tools and platforms will allow employees to engage over time and at their own pace.
  4. Incentives and gaming. Incentive strategies paired with group challenges, competition and other gamification elements will continue to increase as employers gain understanding of what motivates employees.
  5. New day, new measurements. Employers are realizing that the benefits of health and well-being programs extend beyond health care costs, and the definition of success is broadening.

Evolving your health and well-being program depends on your company’s health goals. To take action on the information and tips that are in our 2017 Trend Report, you will need to focus on connecting with your workforce and understanding what motivates them personally. That knowledge can then be applied that to improving your employee well-being program.

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In good health.