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It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we are taking an opportunity to recognize Strategic Account Executive Aldo Cipriotti for his passion to illuminate the path to better health through his involvement with the "Real Men Wear Pink" campaign.

StayWell is what it is because of the people who work tirelessly every day to improve quality of life. So, we are sharing stories about some of our amazing employees who stand behind our brand to help improve health outcomes for our clients. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we are kicking off our Employee Spotlight series by talking to our Strategic Account Executive Aldo Cipriotti about his personal journey to help others after the untimely passing of his late wife, Nicole, who lost her battle with Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 2017.

Learn more about Aldo’s story and how his commitment to raising awareness of breast cancer exemplifies StayWell’s accountability goals at work and in his community.

What do you want people to know about your story?

Cancer is no stranger to me. Two years before the passing of my wife, Nicole, my mother lost her battle to colorectal cancer. Then, doctors broke the news to Nicole that she had breast cancer at the age of 37. She had no family history or symptoms of the disease. Although Nicole’s doctors were confident they caught the cancer early, she insisted on undergoing a PET scan, which is a procedure that detects cancerous tissues and cells in the body that may not always be found through computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The results of the PET scan revealed that Nicole had Stage 4 breast cancer, which had already spread to her lungs, liver and bones. That’s when Nicole and I decided that it was important for her to live life on her own terms – without life expectancy predictions from the doctors.

Why did you become involved in the “Real Men Wear Pink” Campaign?

Through my work at StayWell, I help the employees of a large manufacturing client learn more about their health, and educate them so they can live healthier and more productive lives. I carry forward this goal at work by supporting our clients and their employees on their personal health journey. That’s why I joined the “Real Men Wear Pink” Campaign – to honor my wife, fulfill my passion to help others live healthier lives, and combat breast cancer for other men and women.    

What do you want others to know about breast cancer awareness?

Like the American Cancer Society and many others, I want to help find a cure for breast cancer – but I can’t do it alone. By raising funds and awareness through “Real Men Wear Pink” and “Making Strides”, we can all help create a world free from the pain and suffering of breast cancer. I am proud to serve as a local team captain, where I can still represent my client and the employees they serve – while still honoring my wife. 

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