Jordan Lamar Spotlight 2

Jordan Lamar has a deep passion for health and well-being. Here’s how it started, and how she’s followed it on a journey to faraway destinations, and a greater meaning closer to home.

The point of realization

With high aspiration and a plan to change lives, StayWell Strategic Account Executive Jordan Lamar was interning in an ER when she wasn’t seeing the gunshot victims, car accidents, and other traumatic injuries she had expected. Instead, she was encountering preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and more.

That was the point she decided to change her own path—shifting her academic focus to dietetics, and working as a wellness coach and personal trainer following graduation. 

A path where personal desires meet the professional side

Upon moving to Texas, Jordan discovered a StayWell role that would blend her professional ambitions with her adventurous spirit—as a traveling program manager for BP America. She soon found herself teaching on-site wellness classes in 16 states as she pulled off feats from undergoing specialized helicopter underwater evacuation training (HUET) at NASA to work on the offshore oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, to escaping polar bears in bear-proof cages, to wearing special flight suits 200 miles out in the middle of the ocean.

StayWell's Jordan Lamar, a strategic account executive who has helped drive the success of the BP America wellness program

Jordan Lamar of StayWell has been an important part of BP America's wellness program

“My time in the field was instrumental in maintaining the day-to-day work—and the success—of the account,” Jordan says. She was so active in the field, in fact, that at one point, “The president of BP said that I had visited more BP locations than he had!”

In 2017, Jordan hung up her flight suit after landing in the role as the strategic account executive dedicated to BP America. In a typical day, she now works with three on-site program managers, a data analyst, and a client services manager to make sure the BP Wellness Program is running smoothly. She participates in about five client meetings weekly and frequently travels to its North American Headquarters for on-site meetings.

Illumination along the way

Jordan may have had to endure physical, mental, and relational hardships from so much traveling, but she has put what she advocates into practice herself by figuring out how to set boundaries, keep a sleep schedule, and workout while eating healthy on the go. She also thrives on the support StayWell provides—in the form of PTO, Bean :30, and email-free weekends, which all help her disconnect from work and recharge with her family and friends.

All of this hard work and the effort it has taken to balance it have certainly been worth it. The BP Wellness Program has received many prestigious awards, such as the C. Everett Koop National Health Award, National Business Group on Health’s Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles® Award, and Houston Business Journal’s Healthiest Employers Award.

Her proudest moment, though, was when she accepted the Healthiest Employers Award on the company’s behalf. “After putting so much blood, sweat, and tears into this account over the years,” she said, “I was honored for my hard work to be acknowledged by not only the Houston Business Journal but also BP America.”

Jordan considers her career with StayWell as truly life-changing. Inspired by her younger sister who’s fighting a rare and incurable cancer, she strives to make the most out of her time—and cherishes that her company has connected her with so many people, places, and experiences she’ll always remember.

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