FHIR has the power to make patient engagement easier, faster, and more efficient.

Better coordination, better care, better health outcomes. These are shared goals across healthcare, and innovative technology is how to reach them. Specifically, SMART (Substitutable Medical Applications, Reusable Technologies) on FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) technologies have the ability to create seamless information exchange, in a secure manner, without custom code.

Anticipating the role FHIR technologies will play in improving coordination and health outcomes, StayWell has taken its renowned patient education solutions and applied a SMART on FHIR framework to build our latest patient engagement tool: Krames On FHIR®. Krames On FHIR makes it easy to find and deliver the right patient education materials, yielding a more informed patient, and a lot of time saved for clinicians and IT staff. Plus, you’ll be able to use the education provided through the application for Meaningful Use reporting.

Krames On FHIR seamlessly integrates into the EHR, providing relevant information from the patient record, including conditions, medications and procedures to create a holistic view. The application then recommends just the right award-winning Krames On-Demand® content based on the patient’s needs and condition.

A recent webinar for Cerner EHR users provided an overview of Krames On FHIR and the solutions it provides to common patient engagement challenges. Benefits include:

  • Eliminates quarterly uploads with automatic updates that save 25-30 hours for IT staff to devote to other projects
  • Saves clinician time on the computer and enables more time spent with patients because content and tools (including clinical and inspirational videos) are automatically suggested based on the patient’s current clinical condition
  • Enables clinicians to create and save favorites and their most frequently used, condition-specific content
  • Allows creation of enterprise-wide folders and preferred condition-specific content
  • Prints directly from the interface and publishes to the patient portal
  • Offers an intuitive, seamless experience for optimized workflow with fully branded patient engagement content and tools

Watch the full webinar recording below.

Cerner FHIR Webinar

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