Blog #4, Pearce’s Race Across America.

At StayWell, we truly believe that good health is the key to a productive, happy lifestyle. Whether it is walking a certain amount of steps each day, a regular fitness schedule, or entering this weeks RAAM Race Across America endurance competition like StayWell's President Pearce Fleming, you have finally hit your goal of living a more active and healthy lifestyle. You are the healthy person you have always wanted to be.

Pearce shares some personal thoughts on his reason to race across America in his first blog here: “Pearce Fleming is embarking on an exciting race across the United States.”  In order to fight the urge to go back to your old ways or become complacent, you've hit your goal, here are steps to stay motivated:

Don't beat yourself up
If you spent the last year avoiding carbs or junk food, and you have finally hit your desired goal, try to make some room for a little cheat day. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes you may splurge and pig out. Don't beat yourself up over it. Giving yourself some leeway will allow you to better cope with these slip ups and maintain your (mostly) healthy eating habits.

Find the joy
If getting in shape were easy, there would be no need for articles like this. Some people bleed, sweat and cry through their workout routines and once they hit their goals say, enough of that. Try to love the idea of working out. If you can fall in love with your workout routine, exercise will never feel like a chore again.

Remember your progress
If you find yourself becoming complacent now that you have hit your goals, perhaps it is time to remind yourself just how good you really feel. Think about how you felt before getting healthy. How does that compare to how you feel now? Run up multiple flights of stairs and remember how much harder it used to be. By reminding yourself of how bad you used to feel, maybe you will find the desire to keep up the great work.

Keep pushing yourself
Just because you hit your goals does not mean it is time to retire. Set new goals and keep pushing toward greatness. The best way to improve is to never stop achieving. Add more miles to your run, more time to your cardio routine. If you keep adding new goals, there will be no limit to your greatness.

Make healthy living a daily routine
A lot of people save the workout routine for before or after work hours. However, once you have gotten in shape, it can be easy to use work-related fatigue as an excuse to skip your workout. To combat this, one of the best things to do is to fill your entire day with healthy activities, even at work. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator, move around when you are on the phone. There are multiple exercises you can do while going about your day.

Pearce is a support crew member with a RAAM team riding in support of Cycle for Survival, a movement to beat rare cancers. When you are motivated to live a more active and healthy lifestyle, showcase what’s possible.

In good health,

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