Aldo Cipriotti National Breast Cancer Awareness

Aldo Cipriotti, StayWell Senior Program Manager for the Volvo Group and Mack Trucks, has spent his career improving health outcomes and helping people live healthier lives. His commitment to these endeavors was only strengthened after he lost his wife, Nicole, to breast cancer in 2017.

A turning point

The Volvo Group introduced its comprehensive health and wellness program, Health for Life, for its North American employees in 2004. Its purpose is to build and maintain a culture encouraging healthy lifestyles by offering programs and services that help employees maintain and improve their health status across various interventions.

As the strategic account executive for the Volvo Group, Aldo provided strategic direction of the program while managing contracts, coordinating the program’s components, and working with internal teams to deliver implementation services, reporting, communications, and on-site program management.

Today, he’s the senior program manager for the account, which includes frequently collaborating with its current senior account executive and managing the four on-site staff members and their performance. “I help my client’s employees learn more about their health, and educate them so they can live healthier and more productive lives,” he says. Under his leadership, Volvo Group’s well-being program has enabled employees to reduce their health risks while cutting the company’s medical-cost trends in half.

It was while Aldo was working with the Volvo Group when Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer—at 37 years old, without any family history or symptoms.

A path where personal desires meet the professional side

Aldo was by her side throughout Nicole’s care journey. Today, he continues to honor her life and courage by going the extra mile to support the health journeys of others. One way he does this is by dedicating his free time to fighting for those affected by breast cancer and helping to raise breast cancer awareness.

Illumination along the way

Aldo supports health and wellness by actively and passionately raising funds and awareness through the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign, as well as the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. He proudly served as a Real Man—nominated as part of a distinguished group of community leaders around the nation using the power of pink to raise awareness and money in support of breast cancer initiatives—during the first three years of the campaign. This year, he has taken on a different role, as a campaign manager for one of his and Nicole’s best friends, who’s raising funds in her honor.

“There are men and women who are fighting this disease today,” Aldo says. “I stand behind them to represent my client, their employees, and the strength of my wife.”

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