By Ryan Wakefield, screening coordinator

Considering that the flu led to 710,000 hospitalizations from 2017 to 2018,1 it’s more important than ever for Americans to get their flu shot. And figuring that the illness leads employees to miss 17 million workdays—costing employers $7 billion in lost productivity annually,2 organizations should really make it a priority to offer their eligible population the vaccine.

It only takes a few minutes to get a flu shot, for a year’s worth of health benefits. How can you keep your flu-prevention program just as simple?

1. Plan

  • Establish a start and end date for your program, allowing:
    • 6 to 8 weeks of lead time for on-site events
    • 2 to 3 weeks of lead time for a flu shot voucher option
  • Identify a site coordinator at each on-site location, to work with StayWell while providing information—so we can:
    • Build the schedule, confirm the locations, order the vaccine, designate staffing, and provide support

2. Promote

  • Use communications tools to promote the on-site events to eligible participants.
  • Promote off-site flu shots while providing vouchers for participating pharmacies.

3. Protect

  • Host on-site events or encourage participants to redeem the flu shot voucher to ensure your workforce is armed against the flu. 
Give it a shot with StayWell

We can help your organization implement its flu shot program—as a stand-alone option or as part of a comprehensive wellness program. Our expertise spans multiple industries, accommodating various worksites and employee populations. Whether you’re a small or jumbo business looking to offer an on-site flu clinic or flu shot voucher program, we offer the support you need for effective planning, promotion, and protection—to prevent the flu from invading your workforce.

  • 30 years is the combined experience of StayWell screening and flu shot coordinators
  • 26K flu vaccines were administered in 2018
  • 98.75% of clients who used our on-site flu shot services were satisfied3

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