Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) Forum18

Oct. 2-4
Ponte Verde Beach, FL

Pick up a complimentary VR headset at the HERO Wellness Lounge

Escape conference chaos and retreat to a tropical waterfall or an underwater coral reef. Experience VR guided meditation and watch stress disappear before your eyes. Download the Provata VR app before the event so you're ready to relax when you arrive at the lounge!

Don't miss "Starting Conversations: How to Talk to Executive Leaders"

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 10:35-11:35 a.m.

Join Stefan Gingerich, senior research analyst at StayWell, and Kevin Newton, director of employee benefits at CHS, as they discuss how CHS has been able to align employee well-being goals with leadership goals, enhance leader investment in employee well-being, and start to build a culture of health.