Deliver customized patient education from Millennium

Join us and see how Krames On FHIR® supports patients by providing personalized Krames On-Demand® education at the point of care and throughout their health care journey.

Add FHIR power for improved patient engagement and time savings

Powered by SMART on FHIR technology, Krames On FHIR is a fast, simple, and flexible solution that enables you to:

  • Integrate seamlessly into Cerner Millennium using SMART on FHIR standards
  • Eliminate time-consuming patient education load and management
  • Gain easy access to customizable education in multiple formats
  • Help meet the workflow needs of clinicians and promote interoperability
  • Provide patient insights and data you can act on
  • Encourage patients to actively participate in their own care for better outcomes

 Learn more about igniting your clinical workflow, from our FHIR experts.