Virtual Reality Guided Meditation is finally here.

A groundbreaking app to improve mental health.

A Technological Breakthrough

Even small amounts of meditation can help increase productivity, lower stress, and improve memory. The effects extend to physiological functions with scientific studies indicating regular meditation can help manage symptoms of chronic conditions like high blood pressure and heart disease. With the Provata app by StayWell VR, it’s easy to integrate technologically advanced guided meditation into your population health strategy in the most scalable way possible.

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Escape Anytime, Anywhere

Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and explore a variety of calming locations.

escape anytime, anywhere

The personal trainer for your mind

With StayWell VR, you can train your brain to positively impact your mood and your productivity. Need help getting to sleep? Having a stressful day at work? Feeling anxious? Select the guided meditation that best suits your needs and escape within the app to a variety of beautifully tranquil locations from around the world – tropical waterfalls, secluded beaches, dazzling Northern Lights, and even underwater coral reefs. And StayWell VR gives an added dimension to the meditation experience, seamlessly tracking your progress on the way to reaching your goals.

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The StayWell VR app from StayWell introduces meditation biofeedback using a patent pending system that leverages advances in physiological monitoring to enhance the meditation experience. Users can sync popular wearable devices, such as Apple Watch, to visualize the impact of guided meditations on their heart rate. Through smart feedback, StayWell VR helps users better understand which meditation exercises, locations, and times of day have the greatest impact on their heart rate.

Real-time insights

We provide StayWell VR as part of your population health strategy to help improve health outcomes — the fundamental objective of all our wellness solutions. To better understand the effects of StayWell VR on your population, you’ll have access to comprehensive real-time insights on your own client dashboard so you can track outcomes and trends across your entire participation population.

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